Finer Womanhood

Finer Womanhood Month

The Germany Zetas are celebrating the Month of the Woman by highlighting the strength, beauty, and grace of our chapter members. 
The Finer Women of Zeta set a standard and are set apart as they exemplify elegance and refinement in all they do…

Soror Stacey Capers

Soror Capers joined the Sorority as a Fall 1994 initiate from Xi Iota Chapter of Montclair State University in New Jersey.  She recalls being drawn to Zeta because of the personable interactions with members on campus.  Zetas were always welcoming and embraced diversity before it was in vogue.  As Mu Theta Zeta’s 40th Anniversary Chapter President, she is excited to lead the chapter’s continued legacy of service in the international space. 

What Finer Womanhood means to her: Finer Womanhood is the principle that sets us apart.  It is moving in a way that projects elegance, grace, strength and wisdom.

…the principle that sets us apart…

Soror Anica Long

Soror Long is a Fall 2018 initiate from Omega Rho Zeta Chapter in Marana, Arizona.  She currently serves as the chapter Recording Secretary.  She is a Certified Professional Life Coach, author, motivational speaker, and proud veteran of the US armed forces. Soror Long’s latest book, “Hey Girl, I See You…” is a book on women supporting each other is available on Amazon. She is also the host of the “Hey Girl, I See You” podcast, available on all streaming platforms.

What Finer Womanhood means to her: Finer Womanhood is kindness, leadership, humility, and servantship.  A Finer Woman exudes excellence and a type of essence.  She notes she will forever be a Finer Woman.

…exudes excellence…

Soror Kaulai Hollis

Soror Hollis hails from Xi Psi Zeta, Honolulu, Hawaii, as a Fall 2015 initiate.  She currently serves as the chapter’s social media manager. She was attracted to the Sorority because she saw the local Zetas consistently doing volunteer work, building up the community, and having a welcoming presence.  She jokingly refers to herself as a foodie with food allergies.

What Finer Womanhood means to her: Finer Womanhood means to aspire and excel in all things, personal, mental, financial, professional, and emotional.

…aspire and excel in all things…

Soror Amy Baker

We are proud to feature and welcome home our chapter’s newest reclaimed member, Soror Amy Baker!

Soror Baker is a Spring 2000 initiate of Omega Chapter, Winston Salem State University, in Winston Salem, NC.  Professionally, she is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Reiki Practitioner.She says she was drawn to the Sorority because “the Zetas were visible and present on campus from day one assisting with freshmen move in day. Each one I interacted with was always so helpful and friendly. The ladies of Omega chapter exemplified finer womanhood before I knew what it was.”

What Finer Womanhood Means To Her: “A finer woman doesn’t have to tell you she’s finer, it’s evident in the way she shows up for herself and others. She’s subtle yet clear, calm yet powerful, grounded yet growing.”

…calm yet powerful, grounded yet growing… 

The Essence of Finer Womanhood

Unique to Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Finer Womanhood is a annual celebration of the strength, elegance, and consciousness of Sorority members around the globe. Members are encouraged to participate in events that serve as a rededication to sorority ideals, engage with the community, and energize sisterly bonds. Finer Womanhood month is celebrated the last week of February through the entire month of March.